10 Blogging Mistakes You’re Probably Making

The smartest blogger you’ve seen online and maybe wished to be like probably had that one time in their blogging career where they made mistakes. Mistakes aren’t just there to make us feel bad but to help us learn from them. Blogging can be complicated, so you want to make sure you’re doing things right.

Blogging Mistakes

Below are 10 Blogging Mistakes You May be Making

Blogging without direction

Have you ever read your blog posts and wondered if you are doing it right or just blogging about whateveryou think is right for you? So many bloggers go into blogging without having an insight of what blogging really is and why they are into the field.

Do you just blog because you’ve heard of the money others make or you just want to show your writing skills? The first blogging mistake you should avoid is blogging without a purpose. Know what you will excel in, know why you blog and
define your target audience.

Copying contents from other blogs

Most Bloggers are guilty of this mistake. There is no harm in being different. Be wary of copying and plagiarising blog posts by other bloggers. More than 80% of bloggers do copy and paste. You don’t have to be part that 80% who steal contents. You can become a better blogger than others. If you want to go far or build a brand, then don’t start your blogging journey with plagiarism. If you have already started copying others, it’s never too late to change.

If you so want to have a piece of your favourite blogger on your blog, pick an excerpt from their blog and reference them by linking back to the full article on their blog.

Your writing Style doesn’t intrigue your audience

When you write, don’t write like you are being forced to do so. New bloggers often have issues with the way they write, thus it’s advised that you don’t pressurise yourself by tring to write like other bloggers do. You can admire someone you look up to, don’t just try to be them. We all have our style of writing. Rather than hide under another writers shadow, excel in your style and master. Feel free while writing, don’t be rigid. Practise and know how best you can writer better for your audience.

You Don’t reply comments

As new bloggers, we desire comments, not just views. The only way to encourage people to comment is to show you care about them. Make it an habit to respond to relevent comments placed on your blog as soon as possible.

Your reply can convert readers into loyal visitors. It can also intrigue others to comment. As much as possible, try to answer questions and give suggestions. Your comment section becomes interactive by doing this.

Your articles have no central message

When your articles are meaningless and without a message, you tend to lose readers who might be willing to revisit your blog. Try to focus on problems and specify solutions. Blogging is all about impact and problem-solving. Make your article clear and readable. Don’t forget to pick a problem and work on providing the best solution.

Ignoring your social presence

As a new blogger, social sites are the first places to get traffic, thus you should be interested in Increasing your social presence in platforms like Facebook, Instagram Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and other social platforms. You should promote your blog posts on them.

Overlooking SEO

Neglecting search engine Optimization is a big blogging mistake. There are tons of blogs that will help you understand SEO and assist you in optimizing your articles. Your posts can rank high on Google and other search engines to get you good organic traffic.

Using Horrible titles

Don’t mislead your blog visitors with titles that do not correlate with your post, because you want more page views. Let your title align with your content. Using misleading titles may be one of your worst blogging mistakes.

Following the crowd

This is probably one mistake many bloggers make. Don’t blog on a particular niche because you saw others blogging on it. Don’t choose a niche because you believe that other bloggers make more money from it. Know what you are good in and blog about them. You tend to lose interest when you create a specific blog about a something because others have created similar.

Using the wrong Domain

This may not be a problem but it can actually become one. Before you start your blog, be sure of what domain you are going for. Don’t buy a domain that do not correlate with your niche. Learn how to choose the right domain name for your blog.

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