14 Essential Tips for Choosing A Good Domain Name

choosing a good  domain name
Tips to pick a good domain name

When you want to start a blog or an online business, one of the most important features for getting the word out is a good domain name. Think of the domain name as the label by which your business will always be known online & offline.

Why You Should Choose Your Domain Wisely

It’s totally okay to struggle with settling for a domain name. That’s a critical decision to make and you need to do so carefully. Before choosing a brand name for your site, it is important that you make all valid researches to help you settle for the best.

First, you do not want to regret your decision years later and begin a new hunt for a name, thereby starting afresh. In this article, I will share a few rules and tips you should consider before choosing a name for your brand.

How to grab a good domain name for your business

Before setting up your website, the first and most important thing you should do is brainstorm for a good domain name. good name is essential because a bad one will ruin your website in the long run. You may have come up with a good idea for your blogging business and all. You also need a good name to make it stand out. So, before setting up your website, make sure you have a domain to compliment your brand.

Below are some helpful tips that will guide you in creating a good brand Identity.

Consider using the ‘.com’ domain extension to target all internet users

The ‘.COM’ domain extension is the best and most popular extension on the internet. It is good for branding, SEO, and widely known even by internet noobs. The first extension an internet user types while trying to visit a website is the ‘.com’.

When someone says “visit blogtrovert for more information,” you’d hardly type the ‘.net’ extension before the ‘.com’.

Although you can use other extensions, I implore you to first to know if “.com” is available as people are more familiar with it. When “.com” extension is taken, you may settle for ‘.net’ or other counterparts.

Use a Country-specific domain extension to target only people in your country

A country-specific domain extension is used only when you plan to target people in a particular country. For example, a ‘geek.us’ domain targets mostly people in the United States, while a ‘geek.ng‘ domain will target people in Nigeria. Every country has its specific domain extension which helps internet marketers target local audiences. Ensure it is the right decision so it doesn’t hurt your brand in the future when you possibly want to go global.

Recap : If your target audience is virtually every internet user, go for .com, .net or .org domains as the case may be.

Question the decision to use your name as a domain

A common practice for people starting out newly is to settle for domain names made up of their names. This decision is neither bad nor good, It is only risky. Sometimes people turn out to detest the decision they made about using or adding their names to their domains. Thus, if you want this now, ensure that you’ll want and adore it in years to come.

Consider buying your desired domain name if it’s on sale

It’s definitely not strange to discover that most short and good domain names are taken. We are currently left with just a few options. If you must, and have the financial capability, you can totally buy your dream brand name when you find it on sale.

Note that most of these domains are expensive! So, ensure you know what you are doing. It’s one thing to hate a domain you bought at $15 and another when it’s bought at over $2000. Choose wisely.

Also, before you purchase that domain, do a reputation check by searching for it on google with “site:.yourdomain.com.” If you see no indexed page, it means the domain has been banned by google.

Context matters

Your domain name should reflect your target market. If you sell products in a specific country. It is considered safe to register a website ending in that country’s TLD. Buy a .com If you sell products internationally. There are several other available extensions: .net, .biz, .info, .org , etc. but an average user mostly identifies the .com extension.

Copyright infringement!

Before you choose a new domain, make sure you aren’t violating any existing brand copyright policies. For example, “WordPress” and “Facebook” will not take it lightly if you have a domain name with their names in it. If you do, get ready for some lawsuit.

Avoid hyphens

Stay away from hyphenated domain names. If you are creating a niche blog and wish to have a keyword-rich domain, stay away from domain names with hyphens in them. It is not easy to get noticed or rank with a hyphenated domain name. It is a better idea to look for alternative names or extensions rather than using hyphens in your name.

Make sure the name is available on social media sites

When picking your domain, try to pick a name with usernames that are available on social media. It’s a lot easier to gain trust when you use the same name on your blog and social media platforms and it helps create a brand for you. You can use Namechek to check if your desired name is available on important social media platforms.

Is your dream name already taken on social media? don’t give up on your domain, rather come up with prettier and similar names for your brand. You can add prefixes to your name if the original is already taken. Some examples ; “realdomainname, shopdomainname, etc.

Ensure your dream domain is brandable

Branding is one of the greatest advantages of a good domain name. Choose a domain name anyone can easily remember and spell. Before you begin your search you could pick at least 10 keywords related to your niche and 5 random popular words.

Most domain registrars have domain name generators that can help you find considerable names related to your initial choice. You can also use popular tools like Namemesh or wordoid. These tools give you a list of available random domain names with the help of the keywords you input in the form.

Be Unique

Avoid domain names already popular in your niche. Settle for a name related to your overall blog or business idea. For example, if you are planning to start a new tech blog, look for synonyms of tech since most of the tech-related words have been taken. An example of such a word is ‘geek’. Use domain check tools to ensure your new name is available on all major social sites, if not, you may keep looking for other options.

Easy To Spell

Choose names that will not be difficult to spell. It should not contain “strange characters”. Avoid words that can easily be misspelled. Examples ; .blogie and blogy, kran and cran.

Easy to Pronounce

You probably want a short name, if you do, you must be very creative. No matter how short, make sure your domain name is easy to pronounce. When you choose an easy to pronounce domain, it automatically becomes easy to remember.

Avoid Long Names

Sometimes I feel blogtrovert is too long! Never choose very long domain longest. Example below (one of the longest domain names in the world.) ; www.thelongestdomainnameintheworldandthensomeandthensomemoreandmore.com. Pretty sure you didn’t bother making out what it says. You can hardly remember this domain neither does it contain meaningful keywords.

Don’t Get Yourself Worked Up

If you haven’t come up with the good domain name you so desire, don’t get yourself worked up over it. take a break and talk to people who might help you in your search. If a .com domain extension isn’t available, pick another extension.


Do you have any domain name in mind which unfortunately has already registered? Brace up, get a thesaurus dictionary, and look for better names! If you love your option so much, there are many domain name extensions such as: .io, .net, .guru, .mobi, .co, .photo, .buzz and so on that you can use.


  • Thanks for the domain name idea and guide but maybe i would love to hear your opinion about my own domain [www.doronize.com.ng] the blog is about cryptocurrency trading. What do you think?

    • doronize is cool, at least it’s short… Now here is my opinion… Since you are centered on cryptocurrency, using a domain name with word crypto wouldn’t be a bad idea… Also, a .com domain would have been better… I’m sure you don’t plan on targeting Nigerians alone.

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