Blogging For Money: How To Stop Pressurizing Yourself And Make It Work

Blogging For Money: How To Stop Pressurizing Yourself And Make It Work 1

You can start Blogging for money today by learning the best practices of owning a blog.

Most people believe that blogging is a difficult task because results did not meet their expectations.

A lot of persons dive into blogging simply for the financial benefits, I mean, that’s why most of us blog, but are you doing this to get wealthy overnight? There are bloggers who feel blogging is an easy way to make money online.

Misinformation made some bloggers jump into the bandwagon of those blogging for money without the slightest idea of how this venture truly works. If this is you, you’ve got the chance to stop over pressurizing yourself and make this work.

Never start doing something only because someone said it works or worked for them!

Can blogging make you money?

Yes, you only need to dedicate your time and efforts to make that come true.

Just like any business, you need to work and set things in place to see positive results. Don’t expect overnight success if you want to make genuine money from your blog.

There are many ways that’ll help you understand what blogging is all about and how to truly make money from it. You don’t have to get depressed because you’ve created an enormous list of expectations. Learn the art of blogging first, then proceed to figuring out the best ways to go about monetizing it.

What To Do Before Setting Your Blog Money Goals

If you are about to start a blog or just starting out, here are a few helpful ways to make your blogging journey fun!

1). Blog about what you know!

It will be pretty helpful if you blog about what you know and not just what your “blogging hero” blogs about. It’s only normal to admire fellow bloggers and get inspired by what they do. But what’s not normal is hiding in their shadow, blogging in their voice and doing what they do! You should stop being a pest, crate your unique brand!

If you really have no specific niche or area of specialisation, I’d suggest you blog about yourself, at least it’s fair enough. It is a popular and seemingly easy topic to blog about. You can focus on your life or a little section of it.

Below are examples of things you can start blogging about if you enjoy talking about them.

Imagine you are an individual who follows the trend and enjoys shopping for new clothes, there is a good chance you’d make a good, if not a great fashion blogger! Now, your fashion style is one aspect of your life to blog about; in blogging it is called niche.

What if you are someone who enjoys following celebrities or loves talking about them and their controversial lifestyles? You could start a blog on celebrity gossip and stop stressing yourself blogging about a niche you struggle with! You should rather gossip your way to cash.

If you excel in a field, let’s say an educational field, chances are there are a million or thousand others searching for what you appreciate and enjoy learning. You can start a blog that provides information and solutions related to your educational field. If your blog is relevant to your field, it could start getting organic tractions in no time and likely compete with several other related blogs.

2). Learn From Others

Understand that you can never know it all. despite the magnificent knowledge about blogging you may have acquired, you can never know it all. Learning is an unending process, sometimes, we even have to unlearn somethings likely because they become outdated or were untrue.

To make learning a lot easier, you can get yourself a mentor who has been in the field before you and knows what blogging is truly about. No knowledge is a waste, it either helps you or teach you a lesson.

While you blog, don’t be an island lest you sink without knowing. Bookmarking several other blogs like yours doesn’t make you a loser, it only makes you someone willing to learn and improve in his expertise.

3). Learn a monetization strategy

Since you’re likely blogging for money, it’s best you know what method to use in monetizing your blog. There are several methods to make money blogging, but you may not be successful with all the methods.

The easiest and smallest way to make money from your blog is by integrating ads. Google adsense and mediavine are popular adnetworks that you can use.

Other common ways of monetizing your blog include, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, offering services, membership subscription and selling your products.

4). Make out Time for yourself

Do you know that blogging has a way of taking the life out of you?
Once you make your blog more than just a hobby, it becomes either a part-time or full time work at home job! People who work need to rest.

Take breaks and avoid getting stressed out by the lack of rest and sleep. Create time for yourself and refuel so you can be more productive.

You can help yourself stay healthy by using a planner to schedule your daily activities so you can train yourself to take resting breaks. Planners help you learn how to combine blogging and your everyday life in a way that it doesn’t affect your health and overall wellbeing.

5). It’s all about the money, but be patient!

It’s obvious; we are all blogging for money and hoping that we actualize wealth by doing what we love. But truth is, many have placed the idea of making money through their blogs ahead of the need to offer qualitative value through blogging.

Just like you, I will surely love to see more money roll in but when it doesn’t happen, you shouldn’t abandon a project and switch to another.

Make your blog something you enjoy updating despite the shortcomings. A lot of bloggers have abandoned their blogs only to start up another claiming that a specific niche is better off than the other.

You shouldn’t start a blog solely because someone else makes a fortune off blogging. Also know that not all income reports are genuine and not all steps that worked for one person will work for the other.

Don’t be fooled by the luxurious lives you see on social media and don’t pressurize yourself into buying one likely worthless course that’s promises to switch up your blogging results



When you start blogging for money, you understand the time and efforts you’ll need to make sure strategies and plans yield results. In your endeavours, it’s best you know what works for you and what doesn’t. It’s always nice to indulge in something you enjoy. If you feel blogging is too difficult for you, then you should probably quit and find something you are better off with. Realise that not everyone can become a blogger or make a fortune blogging.


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